So i started playing a human monk under the name of thatoldman it was meant to just be oldman but that was taken he has the Jenkins title,I was going for a scooby doo villan vibe with it,

Now I am Usually a horde player but  when I started playing I was an alliance player for two years.  the last time I was in gold shire was before the brought in Cross realm zones (xrealm) now when I first started playing back in 07 Gold shire was mobbed with people and the odd loose  infernal attacking Npc’s and low level players foolish to attack them it was chaos and fun at the same time

now last night while leveling there was something i had not experienced in a long time on a pve realm  an attack by horde players now i am too low to fight them but it’s all ways fun to watch the fight and laugh at them when they die or cry for the fallen npcs they kill the annoying part was i had quests to hand in dammit and i had to wait for the respawn luckily i handed in all my quests when the npc got killed yet again by a tauren druid. it’s all ways fun in gold shire and xrealm makes sure there are alot of players to make it entertaining and frustrating at the same time.



So I have finally reached level 90 after questing running dungeons and grinding mobs

it was hard going as it looked like the exp bar was not going up  27 million is alot for your first character after that it becomes easy or it did for me back in cataclysm. one of the first things i did at level 90 was a  scenario Proving grounds  it was easy kill bosses and i got a nice staff for finishing it and some valor points  (45)  I have yet to try Heroic dungeons as I took the next night (last night) off So im looking to give them ago and continue to quest as there is great stories in mists



So I just have over a level and a half from hitting level 90, I headed back to org for the first time in what seemed like ages stuck some cloth on the auction house and some items in to my guilds bank since i am close to 90 I was looking around for the justice vendor to have a look to see what gear i can get for helping me get in to heroics but it seems i will have to go quartermaster hunting and questing to get rep before i get anywhere near them it’s a bit extra work but at lest ill get more Gold from doing the quests something i don’t have alot of and badly needing if i want to raid but i’ll manege.its a long road but the journey is worth it